About Us

Hello from Northern, MN.
Here is a little about us and how Etched Laser LLC came to be!! 
Etched Laser LLC, is a family owned company located in Warroad MN, just 6 miles from the Canadian border.
Etched Laser LLC, is owned and operated by ourselves, Nathan and Amber. We have been married for 19 years and we have 5 children.
We have had a dream of starting up a new business for a long time, but with a previous business we had, time just didn't allow for it. We have now sold that business which has given us the freedom to dive into something new.
We have been business owners for most of our marriage and my husband has wanted to do laser engraving for quite some time, so we took the plunge and bought our first laser engraving machine in the beginning of 2022. We waited a few months for it to arrive but in the meantime, we spent many hours learning this industry even more, designing items, and buying inventory. Once the machine arrived into our home, it was time to get to work.
Besides Etched Laser LLC, my husband works a full-time job and I am a stay-at-home mom who also homeschools our 5 children. Between all of the busyness with jobs, daily responsibilities, and running to activities with our children, we still find time to do what we love, and that is laser engraving. It is fun to see our ideas come to life and to create professional laser engraving products for you. Every day we are learning something new and every day is a new challenge or project.
What do we offer?! Just to name a few, we have tumblers, cutting boards, earrings, keychains, and leather patch hats.
Our 17-year-old son has joined the designing and entrepreneur world and has been designing hat patches. He has done a great job! What an amazing opportunity for him to be learning this business right alongside with us.
We are thankful for you, our customers, for supporting us and loving our products! We hope to continue to offer the things your looking for and we look forward to serving you. Thank you for visiting our shop today!